Vanguri Foundation of America (VFA) was established as Non-profit organization in Houston, Texas in August, 1994. The primary objective is to promote Telugu language, literature and creative writing in Telugu. Additional objectives are to support humanitarian, educational and other charitable causes.  


VFA undertakes charitable activities to support especially in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. We are supporting several donor-designated scholarship programs for deserving students in Andhra Pradesh. Some of the charitable activities are:
Summary of our activites
Promotion of Telugu language, literature & creative writing worldwide
Education and rehabilitation of the poor children of India
Education of underprivileged children 
Infrastructure Improvements & maintenance of School & Colleges in India
Support to humanitarian causes, natural calamities
Support of  other organizations & individuals in donor supported charitable causes.

 The following are some specific organizations and humanitarian causes we are supporting through tax-deductible fund raising in North America. 

University of Texas Endowment Fund for Telugu Studies, Austin, TX.

Vegesna Foundation
(Established in Hyderabad 1988 for complete rehabilitation of poor, handicapped children)

Mahatma Gandhi Municipal High School, Kakinada
(Assistance to rehabilitate infrastructure facilities and education of poor students)

P.R. College (Main Campus), Junior College & High School Improvements, Mid -Day Meal Programs, Kakinada

Construction of Indoor Stadium, JNTU -College of Engineering, Kakinada

Hud-Hud Super Cyclone Relief fund raising assistance 

Over 20 other organizations & individuals 

For Project Assistance &  
More information Please contact

Vanguri Chitten Raju
USA Phone: 832 594 9054

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